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Car Interior & Upholstery Cleaner , 5L

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Marble & tiles cleaner Careman® marble & tiles cleaner is a heavy duty cleaner for descaling all ceramic surface of the bathroom Taps, faucets, Showerhead & Bathtub. The powerful active foam formula with no fumes and odor and dissolve toughest soap scum and dirt to leave brilliants shiny surface after cleaning. Best Results obtained when using undiluted for Hard and tough scales._x000D_\n_x000D_\nUsage Direction:_x000D_\n_x000D_\n(1)Use spray bottle filled with Careman® marble & tiles cleaner._x000D_\n_x000D_\n(2) Spray the cleaner directly on the surface._x000D_\n_x000D_\n(3)Rub vigorously, once the dirty spot is gone._x000D_\n_x000D_\n(4)Wipe it thoroughly with a dry soft cloth._x000D_\n_x000D_\nBenefits-_x000D_\n_x000D_\n(1) Totally safe on use on Taps, faucets, Showerhead, Bathtub, Tiles & Stainless Steel Fittings._x000D_\n_x000D_\n(2) Kills odor and bacteria and leaves surfaces germ-free._x000D_\n_x000D_\n(3) Works only on hard water stains, calcium, oxide and lime scale stains._x000D_\n_x000D_\n(4) Leaves a refreshing lavender fragrance._x000D_\n_x000D_\n(5) Can be used on all kinds of tiles, granite’s, marbles, and all natural stones._x000D_\n_x000D_\n(6) It reduces the strain you put in scrubbing.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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